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GPC Children and Young People Protection Statement

Grace Pointe Church strongly opposes any kind of child abuse. Grace Pointe Church is committed to the safety, protection and wellbeing of all children and young people from all forms of abuse and neglect, and actively seeks to prevent its occurrence. We make every effort to provide an environment of safety and support for all children and young people.

Grace Pointe Church has a comprehensive children and young people protection policy in place which encompasses training and education of staff, volunteers, church members and parents on dealing with all forms of child abuse, and risk minimisation strategies to prevent abuse from occurring within the ministries of the church.

The policy provides guidelines to volunteers, leaders and staff on how to promote care, safety and protection of children and young people at Grace Pointe Church, and clear directions on how to respond and deal with a situation of child abuse and neglect in an effective and consistent manner.

We also work closely with government agencies with regard to Working with Children Checks, child protection best practice training and when abuse against a child or young person is disclosed or suspected.

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* Policy Review
Grace Pointe Church Child Protection policy is regularly reviewed and updated in line with any legislation changes in Arkansas and the United States regarding child protection and intervention issues.